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Regulation / General Information


The organization of this event is promoted by the National Dance Conservatory

Terms of participation

It is intended for all interested parties, from the age of 8, regardless of their experience in the area of ​​Dance.
In the following classes there is age limit:

Elementary Classical Dance Technique
    between 8 and 13 – NO VACANCY
Intermediate Classical Dance Technique
    between the ages of 14 and 18
Advanced Classical Dance Technique
    from 14
Elementary Contemporary Dance Technique
    between 8 and 13  – Confirm vacancy
Intermediate Contemporary Dance Technique
    between 12 and 18
–  Advanced Contemporary Dance Technique
    from 14
Intermediate Classic Directory
    between 11 and 18  (Note: For this class you need knowledge / experience in point technique)
Advanced Classic Repertoire
    from 14  (Note: For this class you need knowledge  / experience in point technique)
Intermediate Choreographic Workshop
    between 11 and 18
Creative Lab
   from 8 – Confirm vacancy
Floor Barre
   from 8 – NO VACANCY

Levels / Composition of Classes

– Participants will be distributed at the Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced levels.
– In some disciplines, levels may be created or eliminated if the Organization considers it necessary.
– A minimum of 8 entries are required for each class / class.


The Organization reserves the right to replace the announced Professors, in case of impediment of the same or of other reasons unrelated to the Organization’s will.


Classical Dance Technique classes will last for 01h30.
The other classes between 01h00 and 01h15.

b) Schedule
Classes will run from Monday to Friday. The schedule will be published in the school’s information desk and the school’s website.

Rules of Conduct

– It is not allowed the presence of non-participants, in the premises of the School / studios.
– Participants must behave appropriately to a School, without prejudice to the functioning of the classes in progress and respecting all instructions given by the Organization.
– Access to the studios is reserved exclusively for the participants of each class.
– Admission to classrooms is only permitted with appropriate footwear and clothing.
– It is expressly forbidden to eat in the locker rooms or in the studios.
– Each participant is responsible for their personal property, and the Organization is not responsible for theft, damage or loss.

Health Problems and Personal Accident Insurance

– The Organization must be informed of allergies or other health problems of the participants, and the situation must be communicated in writing at the time of registration. In this case, the Organization or the Teachers have the ability to condition the total or partial attendance of the classes, and the participant must obey the indications received.
– The Organization is not responsible for any personal accident or injury that may occur during the course period.
– Students can choose a personal accident insurance, for this, they must apply for this option, in the registration form.
– The Personal Accident Insurance has an additional cost of 10 euros.
– EADCN students are not covered by School insurance.

Subscriptions – until March 25, 2020

a) For registration, proceed as follows:

» Download the application form at: www.eadcn.pt (Courses / Spring Dance Intensive)
» Fill in online
» Print and sign (by the caregiver or by your own, if you are of legal age) the application form.
» Scan or take pictures.
» Proceed to payment by bank transfer using the IBAN: PT50 0781 0112 0112001262113.

b) Send the registration form and proof of payment to the email: [email protected]

c) Registration and payment must be made by March 25.
After this date, any registration is conditioned to the existence of vacancies.

d) The amount paid will be refunded in case of impediment of participation for reasons of force majeure duly substantiated and proven.

e) Please do the payment just after the confirmation of place to the email: [email protected]


Nº Classes / Day 1 Week (5 days of classes)

1   »»»   70 Euros
2   »»»  95 Euros
3   »»»  135 Euros
4   »»»  165 Euros
5   »»»  200 Euros


  • External students:
    – EADCN will award scholarships to out-of-school students on proven merit.

– Application period: from February 3rd to February 28th 2020 for:
[email protected]

Travel and accommodation

Travel and accommodation costs are the responsibility of the participants.


Female clothing for Classical Dance Technique classes:a) Jersey
b) Salmon colored collants
c) Half-tipped shoes (clean and in good condition)
d) Tips (for Class Rep and Pas Deux) clean and in good condition
e) Hair preferably collected with coke

Men’s clothing for Classical Dance Technique classes:
a) T-shirt
b) Black tights
c) Ballet Shoes

Clothing for Contemporary Dance Technique classes:
a) T-shirt
b) Trousers or shorts
c) Knee pads and socks

Clothing for Creative Lab and Floor Bar classes:
a) Comfortable clothing

Final Provisions

Registration for the Summer Course implies acceptance of this Regulation.
It is the responsibility of the Organization to decide on any matter in which this Regulation is omitted.

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